Pharmacy in Turkey (ECZACILIK) The specialty of pharmacy is a medical and health specialty whose function is to link health with pharmacology. It also aims to ensure, provide, and secure the safe, healthy, appropriate, and effective use of medicines. History tells us about the drug market. The first pharmacy in the world was founded in 774 AD in Baghdad, which was at the time the capital of the Islamic Abbasid Empire, by the private pharmacist of the Abbasid Caliph Abu Abdullah bin Ali Al Mahdi (745-785 AD) named Isaac Abu Quraish, and the Arabs were famous for it. About their knowledge of medicine and pharmacy based on what was inherited from the ancestors, the Arabs at that time did not know medicines in their modern sense, but rather used to deal with what was later known as the term (prophetic medicine).

Advantages of studying pharmacy in Türkiye:

Distinguished colleges of pharmacy in Türkiye:

  • By providing medical laboratories at the highest level.
  • Providing the latest technological devices and equipment that students need for practical training, providing strong practical training in hospitals and medical centers affiliated with universities, and theoretical lectures by a group of professors at a high academic and professional level, the study of pharmacy is a sensitive point for the Turkish state and the Higher Education Authority (YÖK) Strong interest in the study of pharmacy.


What does Campus offer you when applying to study the specialty of emergency and first aid ? :

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Is studying pharmacy in Türkiye difficult?:

Most students want to study pharmacy because of the fields it provides after graduation, but the student must be ready for the difficulty of specialization and the many hours of study, as it is considered the most intensive study discipline in the curriculum and study materials.

Languages ​​available in pharmacy in Türkiye:

Pharmacy is taught in Türkiye in both Turkish and English.
Teaching in English is available in some public universities and most private universities

The number of years of study for the specialty of pharmacy in Türkiye 5 years.

If the student does not have a language proficiency certificate, whether Turkish or English, then the period will increase by one year of preparation for the language.

What are the conditions for studying pharmacy in Türkiye:

The conditions for admission to the pharmacy major in Turkey differ between public and private universities

Public universities require an additional aptitude test such as the Turkish aptitude test (YÖS) or the American aptitude test (SAT) in addition to having a high school diploma with a rate of no less than 90%. When choosing to study in the English language, an English proficiency test (TOEFL) is required. ) or (IELTS) and the Turkish language test (Tomer) if the study is in the Turkish language and when certificates are not available, universities are given a year opportunity to study languages.

In private universities, an average of less than 80% is required, and when choosing to study the English language, an English proficiency test (TOEFL) or (IELTS) and the Turkish language test (TOMER) are required if the study is in the Turkish language.
In the absence of certificates, universities give a year opportunity to study languages.

Costs of studying pharmacy in Türkiye:

Costs vary between private universities and public universities.
Costs in public universities vary from one university to another, ranging from $400 to $800.
In private universities, costs start at $7,000.
These costs are annual.

Master’s and PhD in pharmacy in Türkiye

There are many disciplines to study pharmacy in postgraduate studies such as (pharmacoeconomics, industrial pharmacy, cosmetic sciences, medicinal chemistry, drug field, criminal sciences)

After completing the bachelor’s degree, some students go to study for a master’s degree, whose studies are between 2 and 3 years, depending on the specialization, and end with a thesis on a specific topic that the student chooses with the doctor in charge of it at the university.

In the Ph.D., the study is 4 years in which the student concludes his studies with a research summarizing a specific study topic chosen by the student.

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