About Gulf University:

Gulf University is located in Istanbul and is one of the leading universities in Turkey. It carries out its educational and research mission on a large scale and includes more than 10 thousand students, including international students from all over the world. It is also considered an endowment university. It was established by the Foundation (Endowment for Children with Leukemia) under Higher Education Law No. 2547 and began its educational activities on November 23, 1998.

Gulf University includes six faculties, including the faculties of medicine, engineering and arts, and three vocational schools, in addition to an institute for postgraduate studies and an institute of music. The university focuses on education based on design and creativity, graduating qualified individuals who can provide modern solutions to global problems.


Where is Gulf University located?

Gulf University is located on the European side of Istanbul, and the university overlooks the banks of the Golden Bay in the Eyup Sultan area.

University life at Gulf University:

  1. Continuing Education Center: It works to organize training programs for students, and provides high-quality, innovative and modern education and development services in all areas of practical life to provide the required qualified manpower. The center includes a specialized educational staff with experience in practical life.
  2. Psychological Counseling Unit: Provides psychological counseling to students and employees by organizing specialized sessions under the supervision of experts.
  3. Education based on sectoral training: Gulf University organizes training programs for students in various sectors within the workplace on the ground so that they apply the theoretical knowledge they acquired in the classroom and acquire more skills and various practical experiences.
  4. Library: The Gulf University library provides various scientific resources of printed and electronic books and magazines that students, academics and administrators need in their educational and research activities. It includes: classrooms and a large hall for readers. All readers can also access the library’s resources via their designated computers inside the library.
  5. Distance education system: The university keeps pace with modern technology, and is preparing a modern system for educational seminars via the Internet through expert academics.

Advantages of studying at Gulf University:

  1. It is a recognized university in most countries of the world.
  2. The certificates you provide are strong and recognized in the European Union.
  3. Tuition fees are very suitable for all groups.
  4. Gulf University has a distinguished teaching and academic body.
    The university campus is located in a privileged location in the charming city of Istanbul.
  5. The university provides practical training for all students in all disciplines.
  6. The university owns many institutes and vocational schools that help students enhance their scientific and professional capabilities.
  7. The university annually organizes a large number of student activities in various fields.
  8. The university is a partner of several universities in Austria, Bulgaria, France and Germany in order to facilitate student exchange procedures between Turkey and Europe, so that students can benefit from this matter at a high level.
  9. Gulf University annually hosts many scientific conferences and seminars attended by senior Turkish and foreign academic figures.
  10. The quality of education, which has led the university to be ranked among the most thriving and outstanding universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings for the year 2020.
  11. The university keeps pace with globalization and uses advanced educational and training methods.
  12. It houses modern classrooms, laboratories and workshops.
  13. Adopts the “principle of contemporary quality in education” to educate its students as specialists who know, use and produce science and technology
    Its educational programs focus on vocational education.
  14. Equips its students with knowledge, creativity, innovation and modern skills so that they can enter the modern labor market with high confidence.
  15. Keen to establish advanced, collaborative and educational partnerships with internationally known universities, institutions and research centers.
  16. Provides health care services to students through medical clinics equipped with specialized doctors, skilled nurses, equipment and medicines.
  17. Availability of a specialized building for student housing, which has been planned according to the basic needs of male and female students, to provide a clean and comfortable atmosphere with its contemporary infrastructure and modern appearance. It includes restaurants and cafeterias, laundry and ironing services, and 24-hour security.


Ranking of Gulf University

Gulf University is ranked No. 6521 among the top 12,000 universities around the world, according to a classification by Webometrics, the global university ranking website.

Is it recognised?

Gulf University is a university licensed by the Council of Higher Education in Turkey (Yök), and it is also recognized by most countries of the world, including the European Union and Arab countries.

Laboratories and laboratories:

Gulf University includes about 65 laboratories and laboratories for scientific research and practical training for students. These include anatomy laboratories, genetics laboratories, and physics laboratories.

– Next to the Center for Contemporary Science and Technology, which was established to:
  • Support and develop the research capabilities of the university in the fields of science, social sciences and life sciences.
  • Support theoretical, applied and interdisciplinary research and development activities.
  • Promote and coordinate current and future research and development projects for Gulf University faculty members.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences and meetings at the international and national levels.