Mechatronics Engineering:

Mechatronics engineering is one of the most important disciplines developed in the scientific arena. It is a mixture of mechanics and electronics. It is concerned with designing and developing products, integrating the principles of electrical, mechanical, computer and industrial engineering into all modern devices, because they are systems based on traditional mechanical and electrical components. The term mechatronics has come to denote the integrated methodology. For the design of products with fast and accurate performance, and in general, the word mechatronics is used to refer to the use of electronics in mechanical control, where the word “mecha” is derived from mechanics, and the word “tronics” from electrical engineering.


Advantages of studying mechatronics engineering in Türkiye:

Studying mechatronics engineering in Turkish universities is an advanced discipline. The fact that Türkiye is the most important country in the field of studying engineering in general; Turkey has made a qualitative leap in this field at the world level, thanks to the scientific and research development in recent years, and the Turkish Higher Education Council has given special attention to technical universities, and this was noted in the budget allocated for the study of these disciplines, all of this made Turkish universities a destination for all foreign students; Because of the superior services and features it provides, and Turkish universities provide the latest means to study the specialty, and some universities study mechatronics engineering in English.

What does Campus offer you when applying to study the specialty of mechatronics engineering? :

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Is studying mechatronics engineering in Türkiye difficult?:

Studying the specialty of mechatronics engineering is one of the disciplines that need efforts and broad awareness of related fields, and the specialist must be interested in mechanics and electronics, and be able to innovate; Because this work requires the ability to innovate; In order to develop devices and systems, in addition to the need to have problem-solving skills and the ability to work within a team.

Languages ​​available in mechatronics engineering in Türkiye:

Mechatronics engineering is taught in Türkiye in both Turkish and English.
Teaching is available in English in some public universities and most private universities.

Number of years of studying mechatronics engineering in Türkiye:

The number of years of studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey is four years, and if the student does not hold a language certificate when entering the specialty, the period increases by one year, which is like a preparatory year for the language.

What are the conditions for studying mechatronics engineering in Türkiye:

Admission to Turkish public universities depends on success in the Turkish Aptitude Test (YÖS) or the American Aptitude Test (SAT), in addition to having a high school diploma at a rate that differs from one university to another. Proficiency in the Turkish language (Tomer) if the language of study is in Turkish.

As for the conditions for studying mechatronics engineering in private universities in Turkey, they do not require students to have any additional conditions. It is sufficient to have a secondary school certificate with a minimum average of 50%. When choosing the language of study in English, a preparatory year is taught, and the same is the case when studying in Turkish.

Costs of studying mechatronics engineering in Türkiye:

The wages for studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey are among the average wages compared to other countries, between three thousand dollars (3000$) and eight thousand dollars (8000$) in private universities, while scholarships are less than that.

Master’s and PhD in Mechatronics Engineering in Türkiye:

The mechatronics engineer can continue his studies and deepen his specialization by studying one of the graduate programs, the most important of which are:

  1. engineering design methods.
  2. Precision engineering and design.
  3. Monitoring, modeling and control of manufacturing processes.
  4. System dynamics and intelligent control.
  5. industrial control systems.
  6. portable mechanism.
  7. Embedded system design.
  8. Electronics, electricity and electric motors.
  9. Microsystems design and applications.
  10. Sensors and actuators.
  11. Modeling and designing environmentally friendly sustainable energy systems.
  12. Modeling, design and applications of thermal and fluidic systems.

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