About Istinye University:

Istinye University was established in 2015 to be an academic educational institution that produces knowledge through scientific research. Istinye University is one of the best Turkish universities located in Istanbul on the European side. The university is constantly updating its higher education system to keep pace with economic, social, cultural, political, scientific and technological developments. It also uses modern technologies in education and research, and gives great importance to the use of flexible teaching methods and eliminating the gap between academic educational curricula and the requirements of the business world.

Istinye University is distinguished in medical specialties. In addition to conducting advanced scientific research in this field, the university provides students with specialized practical training within the university’s hospitals, and cooperates with 3 of the largest hospitals in Turkey, including hospitals:
Live Hospital – Medical Park – VM Medical Park

Objectives of Istinye University:

  1. Admission to international universities of advanced academic level, by contributing to the production of new knowledge through its advanced performance in teaching and research and helping its students to become well-equipped in their diverse fields.
  2. Expanding the scope of scientific research, and putting the results obtained through scientific developments into practice to meet the needs of society and overcome the problems facing it.
  3. Contribute to the progress of humanity and play an important role in the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of society.
  4. Equipping students with leadership skills, encouraging them to think critically and follow scientific and technological developments in the world, with the aim of graduating generations of young people who carry human and ethical values and directing them to appropriate work environments where they can employ these skills.

University vision:

The vision of Istinye University is to exchange the academic knowledge it produces locally and internationally and to benefit from the different knowledge and experiences of scholars at the level of Turkey and the world at large. In addition to permanent work in the light of science and knowledge, in order to create a better future for future generations.


Istinye University Rankings and Accreditations:

We have already talked about the newness of Istinye University, as it was founded in 2015, and it is remarkable that in a short time it has become highly ranked at the local and global levels, as the university has been ranked 201 out of 300 universities around the world in terms of universities that meet the conditions and regulations of the United Nations in achieving The sustainable development of society, in addition to ranking 601 out of 800 universities in impact for the year 2022, according to the British Times Higher Education Institute’s ranking of universities around the world. More sources can also be reviewed from here.

Ranking of Istinye University globally and locally:

Istinye University ranked 114 locally in Turkey, and within the university a global rank among the top 5,000 universities around the world, and the universities obtained important contracts with other universities such as the Warsaw Technological University in Poland, Sapienza University in Rome and the University of Granada in Spain, thanks to the presence of Istinye under an agreement Student Exchange “Erasmus”, Istinye University has been able to build relationships with many universities in European countries, America, Canada, Japan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Is Istinye University recognized?

In terms of credits, Istinye University has obtained the accreditation of the Turkish Education Council as a first step that qualifies it to obtain credits from other countries, so that Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf states accredit Istinye University, and the certificates issued by it are duly accredited, allowing students from these countries Get a very special educational opportunity.

Istinye University Campus:

Istinye University has two campuses:

Its area is 46,000 square meters. It is easily accessible from anywhere in Istanbul. The Topkapi campus is distinguished by its modern technological infrastructure. It includes: 37 classrooms, 47 laboratories, two conference rooms, a library, a sports club, in addition to other sports, social and cultural facilities. It also includes the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and other faculties.
includes an indoor sports hall and recreational spaces, a library, a 150-seat auditorium, 15 classrooms, 8 laboratories, an aircraft technology workshop and a medical examination room.

A third campus is under construction, which the university is working on equipping at the highest level with modern equipment and technologies.

Istinye University cooperation with international universities and institutions

Istinye University cooperates with other institutions in the following points:

  • joint research studies.
  • Exchange of teachers and academics.
  • Develop student exchange programs.
  • Exchange of academic research data and technical projects.
  • Organizing academic and scientific activities such as conferences and seminars.
  • Publication and cooperation in various cultural activities.