Software Engineering:

The era in which we live is the era of software and technology, and one of the most prominent areas of life that the digital technology sector has entered is the fields of education and the organization of state affairs. Through it.

Advantages of studying software engineering in Türkiye:

The study of software engineering in Turkish universities is one of the specializations, being one of the best universities in the world in terms of the quality of education in the engineering and technical fields, given the great leap Turkey has made in these fields, and the student in Turkey enjoys the study of specialization at the hands of experts from various countries, In the end, the student learns the stages of software development after going through several steps to test and ensure the integrity of the technical performance of the software work. Software development in Turkey relies on a set of internationally approved models and forms to build a specific program, such as the waterfall model, the smart model, and the rapid model.

What does Campus offer you when applying to study the specialty of software engineering ? :

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Is studying software engineering in Türkiye difficult?:

Studying the software engineering major is one of the disciplines that requires efforts and focus, and a computer engineer must be characterized by a number of qualities and skills, such as creative thinking, and be familiar with the smallest details in software engineering, maintenance, and mathematics, and constantly develop himself, and he must develop his English language Because it is the first area of specialization.

Languages ​​available in software engineering in Türkiye:

Software engineering is taught in Türkiye in both Turkish and English.
Teaching is available in English in some public universities and most private universities.

Number of years of studying software engineering in Türkiye:

The number of years of studying software engineering major in Turkey is four years, and if the student does not hold a language certificate when entering the major, the period increases by one year, which is tantamount to a preparatory year for the language.

What are the conditions for studying software engineering in Türkiye:

Admission to Turkish public universities depends on success in the Turkish Aptitude Test (YÖS) or the American Aptitude Test (SAT), in addition to having a high school diploma at a rate that differs from one university to another. Proficiency in the Turkish language (Tomer) if the language of study is in Turkish.

As for the conditions for studying software engineering in private universities in Turkey, they do not require students to have any additional conditions. It is sufficient to have a secondary school certificate with a minimum average of 50%, and when choosing the language of study in English, a preparatory year is taught, and the same is the case when studying in Turkish.

Costs of studying software engineering in Türkiye:

The fees for studying software engineering in Turkey are among the average wages compared to other countries, between three thousand dollars (3000$) and ten thousand dollars (1000$) in private universities, while scholarships are less than that.

Master’s and PhD in Software Engineering in Türkiye:

Postgraduate studies in software engineering are distinguished and important programs in the field of work. The master’s and doctoral programs in software engineering offer specific study materials, in addition to providing the latest laboratories and workshops that help students in practical application and innovation. Turkish universities also offer extensive and practical training for their students. In factories and companies to be experts in the field of software, and to be programmers in private companies for applications and computers, and also to be technical support officials in various institutions, such as telecommunications companies, banks and various establishments that require their specialization.

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