About Al-Biruni University:

Al-Biruni University was established in Istanbul in 2014 AD and is considered one of the most important private Turkish universities. Its campus is located in the Zeytinburnu region on the European side of Istanbul. It is considered one of the distinguished universities in health sciences. in the sciences of medicine, astronomy, philosophy, mathematics and other sciences, to perpetuate the legacy he left behind and to be a motivation for students to continue to seek knowledge tirelessly or stop.

The vision of Al-Biruni University lies in being an innovative university and doing pioneering work. It also seeks to be one of the strongest universities in the fields of research and inventions. It also works hard to network relations between it and European and American universities and other major universities. All the features that the student would like to have in Turkish universities.

Al-Biruni University aims to provide educational service in its finest forms and forms, and the university also works to develop and develop the specialties that it teaches, in particular medical specialties, as it works to develop the infrastructure of the Faculty of Medicine and the research it carries out, in addition to all health sciences.

University description:

The university aims to be a leading university recognized as a global and local benchmark with its education, research and services. In addition to providing undergraduate education with the realization of the responsibility to fulfill the prospects of all mankind through the production and application of knowledge in the fields of healthcare while respecting the diversity and value judgments of people and meeting the expectations of students with global standards.


Where is Al-Biruni University located?

The university is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, on the European side of the city, specifically within the municipality of Zeytinburnu. The university’s location is distinguished by its proximity to public transport lines such as the metro and tramway, in addition to the famous metrobus line that connects all areas of the city.

The distinguished location of the university gives ease of movement for students from all regions of Istanbul to the main campus of the university as soon as possible due to the availability of many fast transportation.

Advantages of studying at Al-Biruni University:

  1. The main language of study at the university is English, in addition to the Turkish language.
  2. The university provides scholarships for outstanding international students.
  3. It is one of the most important universities in medical specialties in Türkiye.
  4. It contains a huge library of thousands of paper and digital books.
  5. The university has many student clubs that aim to increase students’ involvement in society, in addition to sports clubs that improve the educational level of its students.
  6. The university has a distinctive and unique program in Turkish universities, which is the Young Scientists Training Program.
  7. It is concerned with permanent scientific progress and modernization and updating its teaching techniques to keep pace with the developments of the digital age.
  8. The university provides synchronized sub-programs for the major.
  9. Distinguished academic staff, as it contains staff with international experiences and global vision, and they have a role in spreading knowledge among graduates to contribute to the advancement of society.
  10. The university’s distinguished location and easy access to it using public transportation.

Training programs at Al-Biruni Private University:

The university is interested in training and recreational programs that increase students’ comfort, develop their intellectual and practical skills, and refine their expertise in terms of the majors they study at the university.

The university owns the following training centers:

The university also provides a group of student clubs through which students can develop their various skills, and the most important of these student clubs are:

Brain Research, Turkish Red Crescent, Biomedical Activities and Food Science Clubs
includes a group of clubs specialized in entrepreneurship and social work

The university also periodically organizes scouting trips, camping and travel opportunities, holding concerts, art exhibitions, and sports and cultural competitions.

Hospitals and laboratories equipped with the latest technology

The university hospital, which is part of a field-oriented university dedicated to health sciences, plans to be a leader in its fields, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with high-quality and highly experienced academic professionals, in order to provide better service to patients.

Biruni University Hospitals:

  • Bironi Hospital

Around the hospital:

  • Established in 2016, Biruni University Hospital is a 150-bedded multi-speciality hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • The hospital is known for its high standards of medical services and has obtained many certificates from international quality centers.
  • The hospital has various medical departments such as cardiology, neurology, urology, rheumatology, pediatrics, general medicine, surgery, gastroenterology, etc.