About Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University:

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University is one of the best private universities in Türkiye. The university has 10 faculties including the faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, and business administration, in addition to two vocational schools and three postgraduate institutes. The university includes more than 10,000 students, a distinguished faculty staff, approximately 718 professors and doctors who were selected and appointed according to the standards of experience and excellence, as it includes a group of specialists and experts of various nationalities.

iDoll Confessions: The graduation certificate from Yeni Yuzel University is recognized in all countries of the European Union and most countries of the world.


The university has more than one campus on the European side of Istanbul. The main campus is located in the Topkapi district, and it consists of two separate buildings, a main building and an annex building. The main building consists of 7 floors with an area of about 37,445 square meters, and the annex building consists of 10 floors.

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University is known for its excellence in medical specialties, and is keen to achieve a high level of practical and professional training for students. It owns a dental college and hospital, which includes 8 clinics with 60 dental units, laboratories, and central sterilization facilities, as well as a hospital for training human medicine students, in the Ghazi Othman region. The university also owns other centers and laboratories such as the Life Sciences and Technology Laboratory, and the Forensic Sciences Laboratory; To train medical students

Advantages of studying at Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University:

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University provides students with an ideal educational environment, with all the ingredients for excellence and excellence.

Modern classrooms, libraries equipped with various scientific resources, a number of laboratories, laboratories, workshops, and studios equipped to a high standard; To provide practical training for students.

Yeni Yuzel University International Student Office:

The university includes within its campus an office for international students that helps them complete their administrative transactions at the university and contributes to helping them integrate and make new friends.

The university works to graduate distinguished students in scientific research, as the university is interested in scientific research and contribution to the scientific community. The university has 8 advanced research centers, and encourages its students to participate in scientific research.

The university provides students with various opportunities for student exchange with many universities in Europe, as it is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.

The university encourages its students to actively participate in student activities, and the university includes about 49 student clubs in various fields.

The university offers its programs in English and Turkish, and students at the university can study the preparatory program for the English language.

Ranking of Yeni Yuzel University

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University occupies a rank of 151 locally, and with a global ranking of the university 8014, as Yeni Yuzel University aims to be one of the most important recognized, distinguished and prestigious high educational institutions in all fields of research, scientific development and educational activities.

The vision that Yeni Yuzel University possesses is to prepare students to be graduates of the best experts and scientists in all future disciplines and required fields, in line with technological and technical developments.

The vision of Yeni Yuzel University is not only limited to this, but also aims to educate its graduate students and make them leaders in the local and global labor markets.

Yeni Yuzel University Campus:

It consists of two separate buildings containing administrative offices, classrooms, research centers, laboratories for health sciences, photography, television, radio, a huge library and a conference hall.
It is where all projects and research related to medicine, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, pharmacology, genetics and nutrition are carried out.
It is intended only for dental students, as it includes classrooms and clinics, which number 8 with 60 dental units, in which all trainings are held in order to practice the profession in a completely realistic way, to better consolidate the theoretical materials and ensure the provision of high quality health services. And a central sterilization unit, a laboratory, an operating room, and an emergency service, in addition to a library and a cafeteria.
It includes Gaziosmanpasa Hospital affiliated to Yeni Yuzel University and accredited by joint Commission International (Joint Commission International), as it provides the best training for its students in 117 clinics of different specialization, and 12 surgery rooms, in order to provide an opportunity to practice the profession, treatment and gain practical experience To avoid any error in the future.
It is the newest campus of Yeni Yuzel University and the trainings of the University’s Special Education Research Center are held.
It is the newest campus of Yeni Yuzel University and the trainings of the University’s Special Education Research Center are held.

Research centers of Yeni Yuzel University:

  • Forensic laboratory.
  • Applications and Research Center for the Disabled.
  • Center for Research and Applications of Social Gerontology.
  • Oral and Dental Health Research and Application Center.
  • Life science and technology laboratory.
  • Turkish Language Teaching Applications and Research Center.
  • NEWSEM Center.
  • Occupational Health Research and Application Center.
  • Distance Education Application and Research Center.


Master’s degree at Yeni Yuzel University:

The university offers master’s students several study programs in many faculties, including business administration, international relations and political science, orthodontics, dental replacement technology and artificial teeth, biomedical engineering.

Disadvantages of studying at Yeni Yuzel University:

One of the disadvantages of studying at Yeni Yuzel University is the lack of medical and engineering majors in the English language, as the university offers its educational programs in medical colleges in the Turkish language only, but this university is distinguished by its tuition fees that are reasonable and relatively cheap compared to the fees of other private universities.