An overview of Nisantasi University:

Nisantasi University was established by the Nisantasi Foundation for Education and Culture after its founding decision in 2009, with the aim of providing students with strong academic skills that lead to professional advancement, relying on a scientific thinking system, and keeping abreast of developments in the age of digital technology. And that the university, with its students and trained faculty, can represent Türkiye in the international arenas. The university also provides opportunities for students to learn about themselves, their dreams, define their goals, and overcome obstacles on the way to these goals.

Nisantasi University is located in the heart of Istanbul, and it is one of the best Turkish universities that has expanded and added many educational programs since its inception until today and now includes five colleges: the College of Medicine, the College of Dentistry, the College of Engineering and Architecture, the College of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, and the College of Art and Design. . The university also includes the Graduate Institute of Social Sciences, a school that includes many specializations for the diploma stage, and three other schools.

Teaching languages at Nisantasi University:

  • Turkish language
  • English language

Advantages of studying at Nisantasi University:

  1. Contemporary theoretical and applied curricula are in line with international academic quality standards.
  2. An urban university in the heart of Istanbul, it is also one of the fastest growing and developing universities in Turkey.
  3. It has a wide range of academic programs geared towards meeting the needs of the business world.
  4. Keen on practical training to gain practical experience and skills.
  5. The university is a member of the Erasmus student exchange organization, which gives students practical training opportunities at the international level.
  6. It has more than 35 active student clubs that provide many student activities.
  7. The university has an office for the coordination of scientific projects, which works to assist students and researchers and expand the scope of scientific research.
  8. The university has multiple sports fields and halls for fitness activities.

University ranking

  • locally: 104.
  • worldwide: 5686.

Student activities

Nisantasi University is keen to provide various activities through student clubs, which students can benefit from in developing their skills and talents. Examples of student clubs at Nisantasi University are:

  • Research and Development Club.
  • Sports Club.
  • Dance Arts Club.
  • Economy Club.
  • Literary masterpieces club.
  • Photography club.
  • Press Club.
  • Authors Club.
  • Entrepreneurs Club.
  • International Student Club.
  • Architecture Club.
  • Culinary Arts Club.
  • Cinema club.