An overview of Istanbul University Atlas:

Istanbul Atlas University is one of the private universities located in the city of Istanbul, as it was established in 2018, in the Kagithane region near Sicily and the Taksim region, and seeks to provide educational services to society in line with international quality standards, and the consecration of the rule of law, individual freedom, differences, human rights and universal values, It is one of the best emerging Turkish universities, with a large number of students of various nationalities, and aims to create scientific awareness in generations.

Study language :

In teaching its curricula, the university adopts both languages:

  1. Turkish.
  2. English.

Advantages of studying at Atlas University:

  • Atlas University has the distinction of being the first interdisciplinary university college to combine technology and social sciences with quality educational programs.
  • It is in line with academic quality standards, which include updating and developing educational curricula.
  • Turkish is the primary language of education.
  • It has membership in student exchange programs.
  • It owns many research centers, luxurious and advanced infrastructure, and advanced laboratories.

Ranking of Istanbul Atlas University:

  • Global ranking: 11,747.
  • Domestic ranking: 185.

Hospitals and laboratories of Atlas University:

Come with us and learn about the most important applied centers in the university, which can be divided into two main parts:

Atlas University Hospitals:

These hospitals provide ideal services to patients on the one hand, and to trainees on the other hand, over the past 20 years, distinguished by the high quality of their health services, and their constant endeavor to gain patients’ satisfaction and achieve the highest levels of comfort for them.

  • A high-quality and successful health institution in all medical fields.
  • Modern building equipped with the best technology.
  • Operating rooms: 18.
  • The meeting rooms are spacious, with a capacity of up to 250 people, and are used to receive students and give lectures in preparation for direct practical training within the various wards of the hospital.
  • A specialized hospital for oral and dental health.
  • Modern and spacious scientific laboratories.
  • The hospital relies on modern technologies.
  • Provides a high quality health service in terms of providing functional dental or cosmetic treatments.
  • The hospital provides an ideal opportunity for students to undergo face-to-face training.

Scientific centers and laboratories at Atlas University Istanbul:

The research centers and laboratories at the university vary, including many fields such as technical and informatics fields, as well as artificial intelligence laboratories, in which all modern technologies are available to help develop practical skills among students.
Among the most important university laboratories:

  • Creativity laboratories: which include three-dimensional printers, in addition to a lot of equipment required to complete creative projects and various inventions for various university majors.
  • Social Science Laboratories X-Labs: These laboratories focus on direct practical training in psychology, while providing a diverse environment for thought and art. They organize scientific and cultural workshops and seminars.