An overview of Istanbul Kent University:

Kent Private University was established in Turkey by the Education Without Barriers Foundation (ENEV) in 2006, with the purpose of supporting development and progress in Turkey, and with the aim of educating students and developing their skills enough to compete in the national and international arenas.

Kent Istanbul University seeks to provide innovative and modern education in line with global developments in various fields of education, science and technology.

Istanbul Kent University has the following;

  • 4 colleges.
  • 2  vocational schools.
  • 1 Graduate Institute.
  • 33 Specialties.
  • 15 Majors for the bachelor’s degree.
  • 3940 students.
  • 9988 World ranking.
  • The local rating is 168.
  • 7 Research centers.

Advantages of studying at the University of Kent:

  1. The university has many technological laboratories equipped at a high level.
  2. It contains a large library that supports education, training and research activities for students and academics.
  3. Turkish language is the primary language of education.
  4. It has membership in student exchange programs that provide the opportunity to complete education abroad.

research centers at the University of Kent:

  • Implementation and International Research Center for Strategic Studies.
  • Research Center for Teaching Turkish and English Language.
  • Dental research and practice center.
  • Disabled Research Center.
  • Distance Education Research Center.
  • Lifelong practice and scientific research center.