Hemodialysis specialty

Hemodialysis specialty is the process of removing harmful substances such as urea and excess water from the body through an artificial membrane that is used effectively in the treatment of advanced renal failure. Dialysis treatment regulates some of the weak kidney functions and ensures the continuation of life for the patient. Or patients with acute renal insufficiency to be treated with dialysis from time to time.

Advantages of hemodialysis specialty:

The specialty of dialysis in Turkey is one of the common specializations available in many universities. It is worth noting that the Turkish government pays great attention to studying all fields and medical specializations.

One of the advantages of studying dialysis in Turkey is providing a practical training opportunity for students inside the hospital, which is equipped with all the equipment and devices that students need to obtain the best practical training so that students gain practical and professional experience.

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Is studying hemodialysis specialty is difficult in Türkiye?

The study of dialysis is one of the most desirable disciplines to be studied because it is one of the basic disciplines and is indispensable in dialysis centers.

The specialization of dialysis is one of the most desirable specializations not only in Turkey, but also globally.

Hemodialysis specialization is of average difficulty compared to medical specializations, as the practical study hours are long, so that the student is ready for practical life immediately after graduation.

Available languages in the study of Hemodialysis:

The specialty of hemodialysis in Turkey is taught in most public universities in the Turkish language and in private universities in Turkish and English.

The study years for the hemodialysis specialty:

Two years, if the student does not possess a language proficiency certificate, whether Turkish or English, then the period will be increased by one year of preparation for the language.

What are the conditions for studying the specialty of hemodialysis:

The conditions for admission to the dialysis specialty in Turkey differ between public and private universities

Some public universities require an additional aptitude test such as the Turkish aptitude test (YÖS) or the American aptitude test (SAT), but most universities suffice with having a high school diploma with a rate of no less than 75%. When choosing to study in the English language, a proficiency test is required. English language (TOEFL) or (IELTS) or the Turkish language test (Tomer) if the study is in the Turkish language and when certificates are not available, universities are given a one-year opportunity to study the language.

In private universities, it is sufficient to have a high school diploma with a rate of less than 60%, and when choosing to study the English language, an English proficiency test (TOEFL) or (IELTS) or the Turkish language test (TOMER) is required if the study is in the Turkish language. In the absence of certificates, universities give a year opportunity to study the language.

The costs of studying hemodialysis specialty:

Costs vary between private universities and public universities. Costs in public universities vary from one university to another, ranging between $100 and $400. In private universities, costs start at $2,000, and these costs are considered annual.

Masters and PhD in hemodialysis specialty:

Hemodialysis specialization is a specialization that is taught in only two years, in which a master’s and a doctorate are not available.

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