Computer Engineering :

Today, people live in an era that cannot do without technology in all matters, and among the most prominent fields we find the fields of education, as tomorrow education cannot dispense with technology and its employment, and this technology has nominated future specializations that look at graduating students who are able to secure an important professional life.

Advantages of studying computer engineering in Türkiye:

In Turkey, studying computer engineering in Turkish universities is one of the successful choices, as it is one of the best universities in the world in terms of the quality of education in the engineering and technical fields, given the great leap that Turkey is achieving in these fields, and the student in Turkey enjoys the study of specialization at the hands of skilled experts in In this field, Turkish universities also allow students practical training in well-equipped laboratories and research centers equipped with the latest technologies. They also offer many seminars and workshops, in addition to student exchange programs with many universities around the world.

What does Campus offer you when applying to study the specialty of computer engineering ? :

Kampyos offers students who wish to study in Turkey high discounts in all private universities in Turkey.

Through our partnerships with private universities in Turkey, university discounts reach 70% :

  • Consultation – Providing free consultations on all academic matters in Türkiye.

  • Educational Platform – gives lessons (English language – Turkish language – IOS – entrepreneurship) with a big discount for students who registered through the institution.

  • Submission – submission of papers to universities completely free of charge.

  • Follow-up – follow-up with the student after registration at the university and give him all the references that will benefit the student in his major.

  • Public Universities – registration in public universities.

  • Turkish Scholarship – register for the Turkish scholarship.

  • Student Residence – we help the student to find suitable housing for him.

Just choose your major and we will build your skills and your future.

Is studying computer engineering in Türkiye difficult?:

Studying computer engineering is one of the disciplines that requires effort and focus, and a computer engineer must be characterized by a number of qualities and skills, such as creative thinking, the ability to solve problems, be meticulous in observation, continue his personal training in dealing with computer parts, and develop his skills individual constantly.

Languages ​​available in computer engineering in Türkiye:

Computer engineering is taught in Türkiye in both Turkish and English.
Teaching is available in English in some public universities and most private universities.

Number of years of studying computer engineering in Türkiye:

The number of years of studying the computer engineering major in Turkey is four years, and if the student does not hold a language certificate when entering the major, the period increases by one year, which is tantamount to a preparatory year for the language.

What are the conditions for studying computer engineering in Türkiye:

Admission to Turkish public universities depends on two methods:

  1. The first method depends on the average of the general secondary certificate, and in computer engineering they often ask for rates higher than 80%, and admission takes place according to an internal comparison for each university.
  2. The second method depends on an additional ability test, such as the Turkish ability test, the YOS exam, or the American ability test, the SAT exam, in addition to the presence of a high school certificate.

As for the conditions for studying computer engineering in private universities in Turkey, they do not require students to have any additional conditions. It is sufficient to have a secondary school certificate with a minimum average of 50%. When choosing the language of study in English, they require the presence of TOEFL and the Turkish language test. Tomer if the language of study is in Turkish.

Costs of studying computer engineering in Türkiye:

The wages for studying computer engineering in Turkey are among the average wages compared to other countries, between 3.000$ and 10.000$ in private universities, while scholarships are less than that.

Master’s and PhD in Computer Engineering in Türkiye:

The postgraduate specialization in Computer Engineering is one of the distinguished and promising programs in the fields of work. The Master and PhD study program in Computer Engineering in Turkey offers many opportunities for postgraduate students in fields in which scientific and technological aspects have developed recently, such as software engineering, algorithm analysis, design, parallel programming, computer networks, mobile applications, and web services, in parallel with developments in all these areas, and the demand for highly qualified manpower is increasing in Turkey and abroad.

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