About Istanbul Aydin University:

Istanbul Aydın University is one of the private universities in Turkey. It was founded in 2003, and it is still one of the best universities in Turkey. Aydın University has a distinguished campus, which gives a luxurious impression of the university when entering it. It also includes a group of experienced academics in their fields of specialization. The university’s primary goal is to prepare students to enable them to compete globally in various fields. Therefore, innovation prevails in its majors, which builds societies and brings them benefit and development.

Where is Aydin University located?

Aydin University is located in the heart of the European city of Istanbul, in Florya, within the Kucukcekmece district, and it has other branches distributed in the city of Istanbul, and its main campus is two minutes away from the metro bus.


Advantages of the University of Aydin:

  • The University of Aydin is one of the distinguished universities in offering its specializations in different languages, which makes it keep pace with changes and developments in all sciences. In addition to teaching programs in English, it has branches for teaching Arabic, Russian and Spanish, and translation from and to these languages.
  • The university has more than forty thousand students, many of whom are from different countries, which makes it at the forefront of universities with cultural richness and social diversity.
  • The university is distinguished by its interest in employing its graduates, as the employment rate has reached more than eighty percent
    The university has cooperative relations with more than five hundred universities around the world.
  • Istanbul Aiden University is one of the universities rich in its specializations at its various stages, as the total number of its bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs amounts to about a hundred programs
    The university has advanced laboratories in technology, and it has a hospital affiliated with the university and various health centers.
  • The university implements an innovative policy in education and research in order to support progress and development by using the latest technological means and what scientific research requires.
  • The university offers international student exchange opportunities with many universities around the world.
  • The university has many and varied centers and laboratories, including a civil engineering laboratory equipped with modern systems, a technology center that includes a food chemistry laboratory, a communication and electronic energy laboratory, a chemical textile laboratory, a mechanical laboratory, and a food analysis laboratory, and it has the Africa Center for Applications and Research, in addition to containing the Istanbul center Dental Research, Astronomy Center, Career Development Center, and much more.

Ranking of Istanbul Aidan University globally

Aydın University is one of the advanced Turkish universities, as it is close to being among the best three thousand universities in the world. It was ranked 2902 for the year 2021.

Aydın University ranking locally

Aydın University is still among the top fifty Turkish universities, among more than two hundred universities, and it ranked 43 at the level of the Republic.

Aiden University Campus:

Aydın University has 3 campuses, known as one of the most technologically advanced campuses in Turkey, which makes it a favorite for most international students, in addition to its strong infrastructure in terms of having a selection of professors and academics.

Florya Campus, which is the main campus of the university, includes all the faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine.
Kadıköy campus contains schools and institutes.
Büyükçekmace Campus includes Language Institute.

The most important scientific research centers in Istanbul Aiden University:

  • Scientific Research Center of Istanbul Aydin University of Oral and Dental Medicine.
  • Astronomy Center, which is very interested in this science and spends a lot of money in this field.
  • Employment centers within Istanbul Aydın University that seek to provide job opportunities and train students during and after study.
  • Food analysis centers open to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students who are interested in food engineering and safety.
  • Civil engineering centers that are concerned with providing all information and raw materials about the field of civil engineering.


Student exchange programs in Aydin Istanbul:

Aydın University cooperates with 450 international universities and the students of this university benefit from the following student exchange programs :

Erismus program, which allows student exchange with major European universities.
The Turkish Farabi Program, which allows student exchange with Turkish universities and a number of American and Canadian universities.

Other information about the university

  • The university has more than 1,500 members.
  • The employment rate of Aydın University graduates reached 83.6%.
  • Aydın University has a hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Dentistry, and an oral health center.
  • The technical laboratories at Istanbul Aydın University are among the best laboratories in Turkey.
  • The university has more than 50 student clubs, and * Istanbul Aydin University is considered one of the richest Turkish universities with teaching staff. The number of faculty members has organized many recreational and cultural activities and competitions for students.